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co2 monitor that logs data to google sheets

In my last post, I went through the details of the (surprisingly easy) process of getting the enterprise wifi eduroam to work on an ESP32 board, as well as logging data to a web-based google spreadsheet using a google form.

I’ve now adapted my CO2 monitors to automatically log their data to google sheets. I can swap out the Arduino Nano Every for an ESP32 board that costs half as much ($5 rather than $10), and everything just worked.

Looping video of six CO2 monitors with blinking blue lights, automatically posting data to a google spreadsheet

I pulled out the arduino, drilled a few more holes in the box, and mounted the ESP32. (The mounting is nicer, since I can use the larger 4/40 screws rather than those tiny 0/80 ones, and I can orient the screws so that the rounded head is on the outside.)

I’ve got them set up to log the CO2 measurements once per minute. I also log the maximum and the average, though those aren’t really needed. The display is the same, and they continue to provide the same information to the user, whether or not the wifi connection is available. It’s convenient that the university has eduroam all over campus, as the wifi connection and the data logging should be able to occur anywhere.

The code is on github, along with assembly instructions.